Eat My Crust...

Welcome to Wenelli’s, where pizza is made the old-fashioned way.  At Wenelli’s we grate our cheese, make our own pizza sauce, and roll fresh dough every day.  The best part is we cook our pizzas in a traditional pizza oven to give your pizza the best taste and texture. It’s true this oven takes a little longer to cook the pizza, but you’ll find it is worth the wait—your pizza will be tasty and hot, the sourdough crust will be crisp and delicious.

In addition to a large variety of pizzas, Wenelli’s also serves oven-baked sandwiches, homemade hamburgers and fresh salads. 

Wenelli’s offers a variety of microbrews, domestic beers and house wines to compliment your meal.  Our house wines include Chablis, White Zin, Burgundy, Bogle, Merlot and Chardonnay. 

Wenelli’s is family owned and operated by business partners Shelly Tyler and

Wendy Williams.  The two founded Wenelli’s in 1992 after several years

of working in the pizzeria industry

4215 Arden Way, Sacramento